75% - 95% of our ingredients used are USDA Certified Organic

with no hormones, no antibiotics, no preservatives and no MSG added.

All dishes are freshly prepared to your specific order. Please specify spiciness.

Mild (1)A hint of Thai spices. Suitable for most guests to enjoy, or to go up a notch.

Medium (2)A touch of fresh Thai chili peppers. Perfect for out-of-ordinary palate.

Hot (3) For hot spicy food lover who does not want to go all the way just yet.

Thai Hot (4) Sufficient amount of Thai chili peppers. This is the beginning of the palate that can handle most Thai dishes, and it goes from there.

Vegan Friendly

Almost all dishes maybe prepared vegan friendly without fish sauce or animal by products.

Please notify your server.  

Gluten Free

Almost all dishes maybe prepared without gluten, or salt, or sugar, however, the taste may not be authentic. If you have health conditions, such as; Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitive, Diabetes, etc., please let us know so we can prepare our food to fit your diet. 

​Type your ​You are about to experience a meal that is prepared the way you would not experience anywhere outside of Thailand. We are proud to be the first ever to introduce you to the wholesomeness and goodness of Mother Earth’s organic Thai cuisine.

We invite you to be in the moment. Be present to the whole​someness of yourself, the wholesomeness of whomever you are with, and the wholesomeness of love and honor that are around you.

Be kind to this precious moment, celebrate the journey and enjoy the meal.

The L’Thai Team​paragraph here.

Dear Guests:

Thank you for dining with us at L’Thai.  We are honored that you have chosen our restaurant to nurture yourself and be with loved ones. We are committed to serving you the freshest, finest and most nutritious meal we can possibly prepare for you.

In living a busy life, we sometime forget that the quality of our lives is determined by our health, both physically and mentally. Whatever we consume impacts how we think and the way we process our thoughts. So, right now, just for the moment, please…